Open Studio Shiro Oni 8-2014



About Artist:

From August 4 to 23 Taiwanese artist and 2013 S-An Cultural Foundation award winner Chaong Wen Ting is working on an installation in the Kotoriya studio.

Mr. Ting will be incorporating themes of area history while combining local materials with modern and ancient artifacts into a video and mixed-media installation.

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There is a farewell party for Mr. Ting after the show at the Kinuya building from 8pm.
(¥1000 charge)

During his stay the artist looks forward to meeting people in Onishi and learning about Japan during. Visitors are always welcome to his studio so if you are in the area, stop by and say hello.

Open Studio Shiro Oni 7-2014


Kinuya and Kotoriya Studio

Artists in residence and the staff of Shiro Oni Studio will hold an open studio coinciding with the Onishi summer music festival. Artwork will be be in the Kinuya community building, the Kotoriya studio and along the street between them. Come to the Kinuya building for more information about specific artists and performance times.



  • Anna-Marya Tompa Installation (England)
  • Christian Chouin Ink Drawings (France)
  • Deanna Gabiga Installation (US)
  • Delphine Saurat Installation (France)
  • Haurka Tanaka Ceramics (Japan)
  • Kjell Hahn Ceramics, Painting (US)
  • Mariko Yamamoto Piano Performance (Japan)