1000 Person Animation


Using the designer Vivienne Tam’s symbol of the butterfly, participants were instructed to trace an illustration of a butterfly then pass the traced image on to another person to repeat the process.  After passing through the hands of over 100 people the original image transformed into a combined expression of the group.
Displayed at Vogue Magazine’s Fashion’s Night Out at the Omotesando Vivienne Tam in 2011.  Part of a collaboration between Cha Girl, Fuyuko Kobori and Ippin Saraya.
2011年11月5日に表参道で行われたVogue主催Fahion’s Night Out 2011というイベントにおいて、世界的ブランドVivienne Tamで行われた茶会の為に特別に製作された「千人アニメプロジェクト」。